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Samuel Pollard

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

As soon as he acquired the Rancho Santa Rosa from Don Julian Estrada, Domingo Pujol immediately hired a Mr. Ward to divide the rancho into smaller parcels and he sold them to many of the first settlers in the Cambria area. One of Pujol’s first customers was George E. Long, a farmer who was born in Georgia around 1829. In a single deal for $4348, Long purchased three parcels from Pujol totaling 2094.6 acres on October 12, 1866. One of these parcels was a triangular property at the mouth of Leffingwell Creek at the north end of Moonstone Beach amounting to 18.5 acres. The second parcel consisted of 1066.1 acres which ran along the south side of Santa Rosa Creek for about two miles beginning at a point in today’s East Village behind Cambria Tax and Financial Services. The third parcel, 1010 acres, included virtually all of what would become East Village, West Village, West Lodge Hill, Happy Hill and Liemert Estates. (more…)

The Guthries

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Though he is not generally considered one of Cambria’s pioneers, Samuel Guthrie played an important part in the town’s early history. Guthrie was born in Scotland in 1840. At the age of fourteen he went to Australia, where, for seventeen years, he was engaged in the mercantile business in Melbourne. In 1871 he traveled from Melbourne to San Francisco, and remained in California for the rest of his life. (more…)