Historic Cambria, Treasures of the Past

This slim volume was written by Dawn Dunlap, noted local historian, who has lived in Cambria all of her life. It was published by Cambria Historical Society which created a historical walk of the town by placing informational plaques on twenty eight of Cambria’s most historical buildings. This book is intended as a companion guide to historical walk. Both the plaques and the book were funded by a grant from the Cambria Tourism Board.

A brief history of each of the historical buildings on the tour is contained in one page (or a little more) accompanied by a modern color picture which serves to make identification easy. In nearly all cases there is at least on historical image of the building and, in most cases, these would not have been recognizable by the casual observer as the current structures. All of the images have been beautifully reproduced with the historical pictures enhanced using modern computer techniques to bring out the details. Each historical description dwells primarily on the various owners over the last 150 years and their relationships with each other.

Historic Cambria, Treasures of the Past

Historic Cambria, Treasures of the Past


The book begins with a two-page history of Cambria and an aerial view taken in 1895 in which many of the buildings described in the book are visible. That is followed by a list of the buildings together with a map which clearly delineates their locations so one can use the book to follow any portion of the tour starting at any point.


No attempt has been made here to document the entire history of Cambria. Rather, this book is designed to give both visitors and locals alike a small taste of what life has been like over the past 150 years in this small seaside village and enhance the historic tour where a few most pleasurable hours can be spent. It will undoubtedly lead the reader to further study of Cambria history through this and other web sites, reading other books or visiting the The Cambria Historical Museum.


Historic Cambria, Treasures of the Past can be purchased at The Cambria Historical Museum which is open Friday through Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and Monday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.






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