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B & J

Myron Angel
Art Beal
Bianchini Family
Bixby Bridge
Blue House
Bluebird Inn
The Brambles
Bucket of Blood
Building of Highway One
Say Cambria as in Camelot
Cambria, A Harbor Town History
Cambria Bypass on Highway 1
Cambria Schools
The Cambria Forest
The Cambria Pines Lodge
Thomas Clendenen
Coast Highway in the Cambria Area
George Davis
Dawn Redwood
Phil Dike
Dinner at the Lighthouse
The Great Drought
Thomas Evans
Exotic Trees of Cambria
Benjamin Franklin
Greenspace Property
Guthrie-Bianchini House
Harry Jones
Heart’s Ease
Highway One Bridges
Highway One Building
Highway One in the Cambria Area
Highway One Modern History
Historic Cambria, Treasures of the Past
Highway One Opening
History of San Luis Obispo County
Roland Houtz
Land Grants After the Mexican War
Land Grant Terminology
Lighthouse Keepers
Lighthouse Lens
Wilfred Lyons
Julian Estrada
Mexican Land Grants in California
Mission San Miguel
Montebello Crew Rescue
Montebello Sinking
Montebello Wreckage
Nitwit Ridge
Ollalieberry Inn
Piedras Blancas Lens
Piedras Blancas Light Station
Piedras Blancas Light Station and WWII
Piedras Blancas Light Station Keepers
Pioneers of San Luis Obispo County and Environs
Point Piedras Blancas
The Portola Expedition
Port Orford Cedar
Post Offices
George Proctor
Rancho Piedra Blanca
Samuel Pollard
Rancho San Simeon
Rancho Santa Rosa
Rationing at Piedras Blancas Light Station
Red House
Elmer Rigdon
Dr. John Roberts
Robin’s Restaurant
Santa Rosa Chapel
Say Cambria as in Camelot
Sebastian’s Store
H. E. Serbaroli
Shaw House
Souza House
Squibb House
Tea Cozy
Thorndyke House
Exotic Trees of Cambria
Where The Highway Ends
Where The Highway Ends – Another View
John Wilson
Winfield Scott Whitaker
WWII and Piedras Blancas Light Station

3 Responses to “Browse Articles”

  1. Dean E. Miller says:

    A great site!
    One minor correction about the article about WWII local miliary sites would be referring to Van den Burg AFB and not noting it was Camp Cooke du,ring WWII.
    Don’t know exactly when it was designated as an AFB but I’d suspect the 1950’s would be close
    Thanks for a great site. dem

  2. B&J says:


    Sorry, we know nothing about Andy’s Garden. We’ve passes it many times on our walks but we don’t know who owns or takes care of it.


  3. Joan Osborne says:

    I am looking for information about the owner of Andy’s Garden on Guildford.
    It shows up in the Chamber’s web page, but they do not know anything about it.
    The sign on the park was been damaged and I would like to repair it, but I do not know how to reach Bunny Anderson. If anyone can help me it would be wonderful

    Joan Osborne
    (805) 377-1547

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